Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who's with me?!

I have to say, things feel a little lonely on this here blog. There hasn't been a single comment yet! The three and half hour runs are more than enough alone time people ;)

Maybe it's my fault though. The blog has a good and growing follower count (Thanks everyone!) but I haven't really given you all any good chances to participate other than through donating.

Allow me to rectify the situation. I'd like to invite you to be involved. For those of you who are runners in the Bay Area, come run with me! From now on, I'll tweet my runs 24 hours ahead of time. Just follow @gherinm or search twitter for #>amarathon and feel free to join me. And, if you're interested in joining for the climactic ultra, just let me know. The more the merrier :)

For those of you who aren't runners or aren't in the bay area, I invite you to find your own "marathon" to push beyond. Maybe it's physical, a weight to bench press or a number of pull-ups. Maybe it's professional, an ambitious project you want to accomplish or a promotion you're gunning for, or maybe it's just something personal, learning a language or reading a daunting book you've always wanted to read (I'm currently tackling Infinite Jest, myself). Whatever it is, set an audacious goal and start today!

Tell us about your goals in the comments too. As we all know for earlier posts, commitment can be an excellent motivator :) Also, if this thing is going to succeed, its got to be a team effort. As a teacher, I got by with a little help from my friends. Teach for America alumni mentored me. Local college students volunteered as tutors. My sister helped build study packets (Thanks again Amy!). I'm hoping this run will be the same way!

Oh, and as promised here is your "Song of the Post"

Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

I'm going with a European capitals theme ;)

As for pictures from the runs, you'll have to wait until next time. I forgot the camera again last week. I did finally charge the battery, so I should be prepared this week at least. It should be a good one too. I think I'm going to run the SF marathon!

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  1. good song. Did you know that the youtube version has some interesting graphics?