Monday, July 13, 2009

All for Ones

This is all to raise money for education in the bay area, so I wanted to write a quick post on donations.

First of all, please donate! I can think of few greater injustices in the US than the achievement gap between white and minority students, and the current economic crisis only threatens to make things worse. Furthermore, Contributing to Teach for America is not only one of the most effective and direct ways address the problem, it is also money well spent on an organization know for producing results efficiently and effectively.

Second, I've received a number of questions, so I've compiled quick FAQ. See below for the answers, and let me know if you have any further question to add. I hope this helps, and I hope you'll consider supporting the effort.

Finally, I wanted to lighten things up a little and start letting you all in on some the amazing sites and sounds that I'm coming across during all this training. Take you along for the ride, so to speak. So I've decided to start posting pictures from my runs and songs from my playlist. I keep forgetting to take my camera on the runs though, so I'm kicking things off with the song Rome by Phoenix. For some reason, I particularly like the part of this song where he sings, "I thought I couldn't do this without you." I think it reminds me I can. Hope you like it as much as I do :)

Phoenix - Rome

Donation FAQ

1. How much should I donate?

I'm glad you asked! My suggested donation is $3/mi. If I complete the run that comes out to $111 total. I suggest this donation for a number of reasons.

a. Its relatively small compared to the enormity of the problem.
b. Its a nice round number.
c. It makes for a catchy blogpost title (Subtitle: $111 for 1 more teach in the bay!), etc.

2. How do I make sure More than a Marathon receives credit for my donation?

The donation link is tagged so that all donations are credited to More than a Marathon. There is no need to place any special information in the donation form. To direct your donation to the bay area, simply select that option under "Program."

3. I would like to donate if you complete your run/per mile completed. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, the Teach for America system does not allow conditional or per mile donations. However, I have created a form to allow pledges of support in either form. Simply fill out the information below, and I will follow-up with you after the run to collect the appropriate donation.

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